Hanukkah 2021

By Candice Chaplin | August 17 2021 | DiversityNonfictionHolidaysPromo Opportunity

The “Festival of Lights,” one of Judaism’s special events though not a biblical holiday, takes place in 2021 from sundown 11/28 – sundown 12/6. The eight-day celebration commemorates a Jewish victory in the second century B.C. over Greek-Syrian oppressors who sought to force the Jewish community to assimilate. It is NOT the “Jewish Christmas,” though there are some similarities. Both holidays celebrate light during a season of darkness, with symbolic candle lighting either from the branches of trees or from a menorah. Both Hanukkah and Christmas are shaped around messages of hope and miracles, a time of wonder meant to bring families together.

Hanukkah is probably the Jewish holiday most non-Jews know. But just because it’s the most well-known Jewish celebration doesn’t mean it’s the most important. In fact, Hanukkah isn’t even considered a “high holiday”. Instead, events on the Jewish calendar like Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur are considered holy days with spiritual traditions that are deeply ingrained in the Jewish community. (RosettaStoneBlog.com)

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