About Us

The Vault is a resource for salespeople to locate or create the best assortments of backlist titles to stock a category section, build a promotion, or get backlist ideas. This site features “the best of the backlist” – titles that consistently perform well based on rate of movement; many of these titles see annual spikes during specific time periods, or are simply the preeminent titles within categories content-wise. Titles featured here can not only be counted on to generate sales but will also keep a store’s assortment relevant and dynamic.

We also create regular collections of titles relevant to forthcoming promotions, holidays, movie and television release dates, author milestones, awards, and tie-ins to new frontlist.

In the future, Vault users will be able to create their own title collections based on factors beyond BISAC. There will be ongoing tagging work to identify titles that work well in themed promotions, at certain times of the year, or based on sales trends. This site is a live resource which will be updated on an ongoing basis as titles move onto the backlist and sales trends emerge.

If you have questions about the PRH Backlist Vault, please email us here.