Giftable Books to Suit Everyone on Your List

By Sarah Yurch | September 9 2022 | NonfictionHolidays

The rumors are true: we’re barely into September, and people are already getting a jump on their holiday shopping. With many feeling the impact of rising costs, shoppers seem to be spreading out their spending over a few months, rather than starting to shop for everyone on their list in late November.

We’ve learned that when it comes to gifting, people are looking for just the right book that corresponds perfectly to the recipient’s interests. A book on a topic already dear to them is sure to be a hit and makes the gift feel more personal. This also means that folks are increasingly looking for quite specific, niche sorts of gifts.

That cousin whose cat has their own Instagram? Gifts for Cat Lovers. The aunt who has some thoughts on Lea Michele replacing Beanie Feldstein in Funny Girl? Broadway Gifts. Your dad, who is always the first to watch the latest Ken Burns documentary? History Buff Gifts. You get the idea.

Check out these niche, but data-driven gifting categories that are surefire opportunities for our titles:


Birding Gifts

Cat Gifts

Musician Gifts

History Buff Gifts

Broadway Gifts

Woodworking Gifts

Gaming Gifts

Camping Gifts


Boxed Sets