Wicca and Tarot Cast a Spell on Consumers

By Candice Chaplin | June 15 2021 | MerchandiseNonfiction

Industry sales of Wicca and Tarot titles were up massively this past year, to the tune of $90 million, with the majority of sales coming in the second half of the year. Every sales channel benefited from growth in this category. Accounts should be well-stocked beginning in July, and then on toward the fall.

Notably, rural states over-index in Google trend data, so look for opportunities there. These lists specifically focus on the categories that have been most notable, but keep an eye on Crystals and Astrology as well – these categories have also spiked.

To see the Wicca list:

To see the Tarot list:

Also available on the Vault and Edelweiss are Astrology and Crystals top sellers.