All About Astrology

By Julianne Jones | September 9 2019 | Best in CategoryPromo Opportunity

According to astrology, every person has a unique birth chart based on the position of the sun, moon, stars, and other celestial bodies at the moment of one’s birth. It is said that this chart, and the various ways it moves throughout time, can indicate deep truths about one’s self, relationships to others, life trajectory, and more.

With many threads of thought spinning different interpretations of the mysteries behind the link between humans and the universe, not only does this subject make for incredibly interesting reading material, but it can also be a useful study for those looking to reset in the New Year.

For a quick primer, check out PRH’s bestselling backlist titles on this subject below and share these fast facts on astrology with your curious accounts—

  • There are 12 main astrological signs.
  • These main signs represent the 4 major elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.
  • “Astrology” refers to the study of how celestial bodies interact to influence one’s life and personality, while “zodiac” refers to the actual charts used to determine the position of these celestial bodies (e.g. a “zodiac sign”).
  • It is possible to be born in between signs, creating what is called a “cusp” sign—and, for better or worse, a multifaceted personality.

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Divine Love Astrology
Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation
Divine Love Astrology presents astrology as a language born of the intuitive study of the laws of polarities observed in Nature. It views astrology as a tool to help us understand, reconnect with, and develop our intuition, and is intended to give people the skills that will enable them to attain self-knowledge, take responsibility for themselves, and learn to work in cooperation with the forces of Nature to consciously create their lives.
$32.95 US
Oct 21, 2014
North Atlantic Books

What Your Birthday Color Says about You
This rejacketed edition of a Quirk backlist favorite (65,000 net since 2006) will feature an invigorated interior design and a new cover emphasizing Pantone's participation.
$19.99 US
Mar 11, 2014
Quirk Books

Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life
How to use your astrological sign's birth horoscope to transform every area of your life.
$25.00 US
Sep 25, 2018
World except UK/Ireland