Kids Books Have Come to the Backlist Vault!

By Sarah Yurch | October 18 2023 | Kids

At long last, the Backlist Vault now includes Juvenile and YA titles!

Several new title collections have been added, and many more will be coming to the site over the coming days and weeks. Some of these are kids-specific, and others contain a mix of kids and adult titles. As a reminder, all title collections in the Backlist Vault are filterable: at the top of the page, you can select the publishing division(s) you’d like to see represented.


Check out some of the newly added kids title collections:

Dr. Seuss

Kids Christmas Books

YA Holiday Romance

Kids Valentine’s Day

MLK Kids Titles


…and title collections that now include both adult and kids books:

Boxed Sets

White Elephant Gifts


Baby Shower Gifts

Black History Month

TikTok Books


Please reach out to Sarah Yurch with any questions, requests, or suggestions.