Holiday Preview 2023

By Sarah Yurch | August 23 2023 | Holidays

We’re all familiar with Christmas Creep—the phenomenon of retailers displaying holiday-themed merchandise ever earlier with each passing year. But in 2023, it could be more shopping advantage than seasonal annoyance. Half of consumers are planning to begin holiday shopping before November this year, and many expect to get started in September. Some of this is simply to spread out the costs of holiday gifting, which are expected to rise modestly this year. With so many still feeling the effects of inflation, shoppers are hoping to be rewarded for getting a jump on their end-of-year purchases with major sales and discounts. Amazon has confirmed another Prime Day for October, and Target and Walmart are expected to offer their own deals as well.

Our findings from previous years can help us anticipate the sorts of books shoppers will be looking for: stocking stuffers, gag gifts, cookbooks, coloring books, and books on specific hobbies.

See below for some of our updated title collections:

Stocking Stuffers

White Elephant, Novelty, and Gag Gifts

Coffee Table Books

Coloring Books

Bestselling Cookbooks

Boxed Sets

Crafts & Hobbies