Erica Spiegelman, author portrait

Erica Spiegelman

Erica Spiegelman is an author, addiction and wellness specialist, and motivational speaker who works with individuals, couples, and families on personal growth and overall wellness. Erica provides a holistic approach to helping people overcome their struggles with addictions and dependency and gives them the tools they need to create healthy lives for themselves.



The month of July sees more online searches for “addiction” than other times of year, so it may be a good time for booksellers to stock that section more heavily, or even remove books from the section to make them more findable for customers.

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Sobriety & Sober Curiosity

First it was Dry January, which has steadily increased in popularity and adoption over the past five years. Then came Sober October and Dry July. An increasing number of people are reconsidering their relationships to drinking without necessarily giving up alcohol altogether. The notion of “sober curiosity” has been covered everywhere from The New York

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