Joyce Carol Oates: Best of Backlist

By Julianne Jones | April 23 2020 | Authors

In the class of iconic American literary voices, Joyce Carol Oates stands out with her signature style of melding intense issues with poised prose—examining the underbelly of reality while occasionally dipping into the supernatural.

On June 9th, HarperCollins will release her latest—NIGHT. SLEEP. DEATH. THE STARS. To mark this release, make sure your accounts are stocked up on her backlist titles available in Penguin Random House’s collection.

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Triumph of the Spider Monkey
Unavailable for 40 years, this seminal novel of madness and murder is acclaimed author Joyce Carol Oates' powerful trip into the mind of a maniac.
$9.95 US
Jul 16, 2019
Hard Case Crime
US/CAN (No Open Mkt)

Black Water
The Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel from the author of the New York Times bestselling novel We Were the Mulvaneys“Its power of evocation is remarkable.” —The New Yorker  In the midst of a long summer on Grayling Island, Maine, twenty-six-year-old Kelly Kelleher longs for something interesting to happen to her—something that will make her finally feel some of what she imagines other people must feel when they watch the fireworks explode off the beach. So when Kelly meets The Senator at an exclusive party and he asks her to go back to a hotel room on the main island with him, she says yes. Even though the senator is old enough to be her father, even though he has perhaps been drinking too heavily to get behind the wheel, the danger of saying yes is an inevitable and even exciting part of the adventure Kelly is finally going to have. However, as The Senator’s car whips around the island’s roads and eventually crashes through a guardrail, it becomes clear to Kelly and the reader that this man embodies a wholly different and more sinister type of danger, one much larger and harder to contain than the horrible events that unfold as Kelly is left in the sinking car. Black Water is a chilling meditation on power, trust, and violation and a timeless classic from one of America’s foremost storytellers.
$17.00 US
May 01, 1993
US, Canada, Open Mkt

We Were the Mulvaneys
An Oprah Book Club® selectionA New York Times Notable BookThe Mulvaneys are blessed by all that makes life sweet. But something happens on Valentine’s Day, 1976—an incident that is hushed up in the town and never spoken of in the Mulvaney home—that rends the fabric of their family life...with tragic consequences. Years later, the youngest son attempts to piece together the fragments of the Mulvaneys’ former glory, seeking to uncover and understand the secret violation that brought about the family’s tragic downfall.Profoundly cathartic, this extraordinary novel unfolds as if Oates, in plumbing the darkness of the human spirit, has come upon a source of light at its core. Moving away from the dark tone of her more recent masterpieces, Joyce Carol Oates turns the tale of a family struggling to cope with its fall from grace into a deeply moving and unforgettable account of the vigor of hope and the power of love to prevail over suffering.“It’s the novel closest to my heart....I’m deeply moved that Oprah Winfrey has selected this novel for Oprah’s Book Club, a family novel presented to Oprah’s vast American family.”—Joyce Carol Oates
$17.00 US
Jan 24, 2001
US, Canada, Open Mkt